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About Leasing

About Leasing

Leasing gives you the flexibility you need.

Leasing opens up more possibilities than you think: There is a suitable solution for a wide range of applications. No matter how small or large, simple or complex your plans are, UniCredit Leasing is your reliable partner for financing the asset you want.

Here is an overview of where you and your company can gain more financial flexibility through leasing.

Conservation of equity
  • Pay only for the use of the asset
  • Ensure more flexibility with the released capital
  • No balance sheet extension effect
Low monthly charge
  • Amortisation on the basis of an imputed residual value at the end of the term
  • Compared to credit, your monthly payments are usually lower
No mortgage registration costs
  • No costs to register a mortgage
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  • Protect your liquidity with leasing
  • Uncover any hidden reserves that may exist – liquidity procurement through Sale & Lease Back
Effective cost management
  • Constant leasing instalments over the entire term and thus a planning parameter that remains constant over the long term
Balance sheet relief
  • Optimise your balance sheet structure and key figures, as the leased asset is not owned by you
Tax benefits
  • Leasing payments can be deducted as operational expenses in full
  • As a result, tax benefits are also possible in income taxes
Expertise through outsourcing
  • Market opportunities and the value of assets are assessed by experts
  • Provides relief, security and cost control
Increased ­economic flexibility
  • Free credit lines
  • Supports compliance with covenants
  • Shorter run times allow you to always be at the cutting edge of technology
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Discover our leasing options

Real estate

With us, you can realise your real estate project without worries and at optimal costs.


Respond quickly to changing market conditions while remaining commercially viable.

Structured equipment leasing

Smart and structured solutions for complex investments.

Sales leasing

Enable your customers to make individual repayments when they purchase your products.


Attractive leasing offers for your company vehicles – completely independent of the make of car you want.


Thanks to our municipal leasing, you can conserve your own funds and still make essential infrastructure investments.

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