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Communal leasing

Communal leasing

More room for development in your community

Despite tight budgets, municipalities are faced with the challenge of improving their communities through new investments or further developing construction projects. Leasing is the perfect smart financing solution here: It allows you to conserve your own funds and still makes essential infrastructure investments possible without overstressing local budgets.

Our experts not only have property-specific know-how, but also demonstrate many years of experience in the area of legal and tax regulations, as well as government funding. This ensures the optimal realisation of community investment plans.

Our services are your advantages

Liquidity management

Municipal leasing means you can optimise your liquidity management: By disclosing hidden reserves in your municipality, you ensure the necessary liquidity in the municipal budget.


With a flexibly designed instalment amount, term and residual value, the lease can be fully customised to meet the needs of your community.

Budget policy

Lease fees are charged to current expenditures – budget ratios are not changed. It does not create a financial debt, but an administrative debt.

The right lease financing for your investment

Nurseries & schools

Culture & recreation centres

Office equipment

Office & administrative buildings

Fire stations

Vehicles for garbage collection, fire department & road services

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