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Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing

Increase efficiency effortlessly – we make it possible!

Leasing is indispensable, especially in the field of mobile capital goods, because being able to react quickly to changing market conditions and still remain economically viable is an essential part of a successful corporate strategy.

With our equipment leasing, we support you in making investment-intensive purchases and still remaining liquid.

Our services are your advantages

Liquidity relief and tax advantage

Equipment leasing is a medium to long-term form of financing with a term of 5 to 15 years, with a residual value possible at the end of the contract. In addition, with equipment leasing, you tend to need less equity capital if the asset has the right credit rating, and you can claim the leasing instalments as an expense for tax purposes over the term of the contract.


Our asset experts support you in determining market value, procurement, insurance and utilisation. As a customer, you benefit from our know-how, smooth and rapid processing, and a transparent processing fee, which covers all services.

State of the art

Your machinery is always state of the art: Replace old models with more up-to-date ones simply, quickly and without red tape, and save on costly maintenance. This way, you still have room for further investments.

The right lease financing for your equipment

Alpine transport systems, snowmaking equipment & piste equipment

Construction machinery & equipment

Manufacturing lines, warehouse logistics & forklift trucks

Machining & production machines

Landwirtschaftliche Geräte aller Art

Office & business equipment

IT equipment & network systems

Waste management equipment, car washes & lifting platforms