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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your leasing contract? We have summarized the most important answers for you.

This overview is designed to help you answer both basic and product-specific questions. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service.

It is generally possible to terminate the contract early and pay off the outstanding obligation, but it requires the consent of the lessor in each individual case. Please note that a purchase is only possible by the lessee directly (you can then resell the vehicle later) or a car dealership, but not by other third parties.

Contractually, fully comprehensive insurance has been agreed until the end of the term. Accordingly, this change requires the consent of the lessor. This may be granted in exceptional cases if the leasing contract is appropriately designed and the collateral structure is sufficient.

This is created automatically after receipt of the purchase price and sent by post.

Yes, a return of the signed documents by email is completely sufficient; no postage is necessary.

As a rule, this document was already sent to you at the start of the contract. This is usually an A4 sheet with the imprint “Data extract”.

Yes, this is generally possible. However, the termination of the existing leasing contract and the conclusion of the new leasing contract requires the consent of the lessor, which can only be granted on the basis of a relevant review of the new lessee.

No, the registration can only be made in the name of persons who are parties to the leasing contract (e.g., co-lessees).

No, that is not possible. In this case, the leasing contract would have to be terminated, and the leased asset would have to be paid off by the lessee.

In this case, we request that you provide us with your new address in writing. After that, we can send you a declaration of transfer of use with the new address. This document allows you to re-register without any problems.

During the term of the contract, you will receive our consent to have a duplicate created. If the leasing contract has already ended, you can apply for it with the “Transfer of ownership” letter without our consent.

You will receive information about the expiration of the contract four to five weeks before it expires. This will allow you to then give notice of the purchase request.

The GAP cover in combination with a comprehensive insurance ensures in the event of total damage or theft that the entire liable obligation of the leasing contract (excluding any arrears) is reimbursed by the insurance. Most of the time, the market value – reimbursed by the comprehensive insurance – is lower than the outstanding financing value. When GAP cover is taken out, this difference is also paid by the insurance company.

No, that is not possible. The instalments are debited on the first of each month.

Yes, this is possible, so there are no unexpected excess mileage charges when the vehicle is reset. We need a written request, and you will receive a quote.

It is irrelevant whether it is purchased by you or through a dealership.

This is sent once a year, usually in mid-January.

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