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Real Estate Leasing

Real Estate Leasing

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With us, you can realise your real estate project without worries and at optimal costs. Our real estate experts are at your disposal with extensive asset expertise in all phases of your project – in a classic buy & lease by providing support for the purchase of real estate as well as your construction project.

We accompany you with experienced construction engineers and get involved in cost monitoring as well as
optimisation. Other additional services include risk coverage through customised insurance packages.

Our services are your advantages

liquidity relief & profit optimisation

Real estate leasing is a long-term form of financing with a term of 15 to 25 years and an agreed residual value at the end of the contract. As a result, the ongoing leasing payments are usually much lower than for a conventional investment loan.

In addition, with real estate leasing, you tend to need less equity if you have the right property credit rating.


We adapt the financing structure individually to the project. Our customers generally receive a purchase option at the end of the contract at the agreed residual value. If you want to purchase the property early, you can do so through a special purchase option.

In real estate transactions, we also offer the possibility of acquiring existing holding companies via a share deal.

off-balance financing (ubg)

The lessor becomes the owner under civil law and reports the leased asset on its balance sheet. The lessee improves its balance sheet ratios and can fully deduct leasing payments within the scope of tax conditions.

In addition, there are no mortgage-related costs.

The right lease financing for your property


Warehouses & production buildings

Apartment buildings

Shopping & retail parks


Health & senior real estate

System gastronomy

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