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Sales Leasing

Sales Leasing

Experience the innovative form of financial partnership

With sales leasing, you enable your customers to finance your products or services through leasing payments.

How does that work? Simply: Your customer completes the purchase directly with you.
We take over the tailored financing and lease your product to your customer. As a result, you not only expand your range of services, but you also significantly facilitate and accelerate the purchase decision for your customers.

With our extensive industry experience, we take care of the financing formalities as well as any desired services, and you can benefit from an increase in sales of your products.

Our services are your advantages

Sales promotion

With sales leasing, you drive sales and increase revenue by offering financing to your customers. Financing options range from instalment purchase/rental purchase and leasing to special financing models on a subsidised basis. You will immediately receive the full financing amount for your goods because we buy your product and lease it to your customer.

Customer loyalty

Leasing contracts improve customer loyalty to your company and give you the opportunity for a follow-up sale at the end of the financing period. In addition, the joint market presence strengthens the authenticity of your brand, because we also support you on site, including at trade fairs of various sizes.

Risk transfer

We will assume the risk of financing for you. In addition, you secure the sale of your product with our financing commitment. We train your employees and provide you with professional consulting tools at the point of sale. This increases the consulting reliability of your sales force, and you increase your customers’ trust in your company.

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Medical technology

Agricultural equipment of all kinds

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Information technology

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